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In the intricate dance of commercial real estate redevelopment, the often-overlooked partner is access – the gateway that breathes life into rejuvenated spaces. Strategic access planning is not merely a logistical consideration; it’s an art that orchestrates the symphony of convenience, connectivity, and community engagement. This blog peels back the layers to reveal the profound impact of access on the success of commercial redevelopment.

Unlocking Connectivity

Access isn’t just about roads and entry points; it’s the linchpin that unlocks the potential of a redeveloped space. Seamless connectivity to transportation hubs, major roadways, and public transit transforms a once-hidden gem into a thriving hub. Thoughtful access planning turns redevelopment areas into epicenters of activity, where foot traffic, vehicular flow, and accessibility intersect to create vibrant, bustling communities.

Fostering Accessibility

Beyond physical connectivity, access planning champions inclusivity. A redeveloped space that caters to diverse demographics – including those with mobility challenges – is an embodiment of social responsibility. Incorporating universal design principles ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can seamlessly navigate and enjoy the reimagined environment. Inclusive access reinforces a sense of belonging and community, transcending physical barriers.

The Impact on Tenant and Visitor Engagement

Strategic access planning goes beyond functionality; it’s an experiential masterpiece that shapes how tenants and visitors engage with a redeveloped space. Thoughtfully designed entryways, walkways, and gathering areas invite exploration and interaction. Accessible amenities and well-planned pathways enhance the overall experience, making the redeveloped space a destination that lingers in the minds of those who traverse it.

Where Access Meets Transformation

Access is the bridge between the past and the future in commercial redevelopment. Strategic access planning breathes life into revitalized spaces, connecting them to the beating heart of communities. Inclusive design principles ensure that the redeveloped area is a haven for everyone, fostering a sense of belonging. Elevating experiences through thoughtfully designed pathways and amenities transforms the reimagined space into a thriving epicenter of activity. By embracing the art of access planning, commercial real estate professionals sculpt a transformative journey where access meets revitalization.




Based in Alexandria, Louisiana, Justin Giallonardo is a skilled commercial real estate and construction professional, a dedicated community member, and a loving family man.