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Justin Giallonardo

Commercial Real Estate And Construction

About Justin Giallonardo

Based in Alexandria, Louisiana, Justin Giallonardo is a skilled commercial real estate and construction professional, a dedicated community member, and a loving family man. The sons of Dargent Companies founder Thomas Giallonardo, Justin and his brother Tommy are the Presidents of the Real Estate Division and the Construction Division, respectively. 

Justin enjoys being a part of his family’s business, and by working closely with his father and brother in a professional capacity, Justin knows that he has two men who will always be there for support regardless of the situation. They help give him the confidence and security he needs to be the best person and professional that he can be. 

From the time he was young, Justin Giallonardo always intended to work for his father’s business, and he wanted to ensure he did so properly. That’s why – when he started with Dargent Companies in 2007, he also enrolled at Louisiana State University in Alexandria, where he began studying business administration, management, and operations. In 2009, Justin enrolled at the University of North Texas, where he graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration in Real Estate 2011. 

After starting with the company as a Field Representative, Justin worked his way up to Project Manager, then Development Manager, followed by Vice President of Business Development and then President of Business Development, before moving into his current position as President of Real Estate. 

At Dargent, Justin Giallonardo and the team are known as leaders and innovators in the world of commercial real estate and construction. His industry expertise covers areas like commercial real estate, real estate development, lease negotiations, property management, tenant retention, investment properties, and real estate transactions. 

Between his education, hands-on training, and 15 years of experience working at Dargent, Justin Giallonardo is the perfect person to handle the important responsibilities and nuances that come along with managing the Real Estate Division. His work covers everything from commercial property management and site selection to commercial real estate brokerage and tenant representation. 

The commercial real estate cycle is composed of multiple phases that range from site selection, due diligence, financial analysis, entitlement, and pre-construction planning to financing, construction, leasing, stabilization, and disposition; the good news is that Dargent is here to guide you through the process or offer insight at any point where you may need additional assistance. 

Visit Justin Giallonardo’s blog page for the latest updates, and check out his commercial real estate and construction sites for even more information!